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MelinaPerez · 89

Final version of the deck for last scenario of The Innsmouth Conspiracy.

This deck was played alongside a very aggressive Guardian, and a Jack Of All Trades Sefina, so did not have to do much in the way of enemy management, outside of the odd Evade.

The deck is incredibly greedy with many 1-of important Assets, but Mandy can afford to be greedy.

A typical turn with nothing else more pressing could be 2 Actions to replace the Occult Evidence into the deck , the A cheeky search effect or two to try and snag free clues and other toys, and a Fast investigate from Cryptographic Cipher.

Priority Assets:

  • Ariadne's Twine. You want one as soon as possible, and you want to charge them as much as you can.
  • Old Book of Lore. Combined with Ariadne's Twine and Mandy's double-search effects, this can feel like an illegal currency printing press.
  • Whitton Greene. Stats where you want, and can help find Tooth of Eztli for a real solid defensive package.
  • Abigail Foreman. Old Book of Lore shenanigans is - just unfair at this point.

Mr Rook was added towards the end of the campaign, as I wanted to prove the deck could work without him. It does.

The Necronomicon is a late game scenario ender, if you have 8-10 on each Ariadne's Twine. Kill bosses and Remote Clear Victory locations. This card is just wrong even at 8 xp in this deck.

Every other card in the deck is pretty much about defending your hand and tableau, gaining charges (or resources for charges) and getting clues.

Is Ariadne's Twine too good? Possibly. I think the strongest synergy card is Old Book of Lore (2) [pay 1 to charge, get 2 discount], and this clearly works well if Mandy double-dips or digs deeper for really good targets. Its also super-good in Daisy with her extra Action. Outside of these two Investigators I do not think it's anywhere near as good. There are a few other strong Charge targets (Dayana , Pnakotic Manuscripts and the Cryptic Grimoires). This may add up to a bunch of effects that makes Ariadne's Twine borderline Taboo... but I think it's probably fine.