"Ashcan" Pete - Multiplayer Darkhorse Beginner Deck

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Broke-ass Pete's Spooky Adventure 743 596 38 3.0
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revco101 · 14

This is a good all around deck to play in multiplayer. You are able to gather clues, fight and pass almost any skill test.

Mulligan hard for both Peter Sylvestre and Dark Horse. Duke will boost your stats early game, and you want to spend your starting resources to get these 2 cards down ASAP.

The main goal of this deck is to stay broke. You want to get out your initial assets and then stay at or near 0 resources to keep Dark Horse activated as much as possible. Being at 0 resources also activates +1 damage on your Fire Axe.

Card synergies and combos in this deck

Forbidden Knowledge + Peter Sylvestre + Fire Axe: Use Forbidden Knowledge to gain a resource, put the generated horror onto Peter Sylvestre (He heals 1 horror every round), and then use the resource to pump up your Fire Axe (+2 fight). After you use the resource on the Fire Axe you will be back at 0, thus keeping both Dark Horse and the +1 damage on your axe activated.

Scavenging + Rabbit's Foot, Leather Coat and Flashlight/Magnifying Glass: You can commit these cards to skill tests, and then recover them from your discard pile using Scavenging. You can use Leather Coat to soak damage, and then scavenge it again once it's used up. This also works the same way with Flashlight, once you use up all it's charges.

Flashlight, Magnifying Glass, Perception, Unexpected Courage, and Rise to the Occasion can all be used to help trigger Scavenging. Rise to the Occasion can be used on any 4 shroud investigation even if you are using Duke, because your base skill is only 2.

Lucky! is a free win card if you fail a test, and "Look what I found!" can be used after you fail a test to get 2 clues. You can even fail the test on purpose to get 2 clues instead of 1. "Look what I found!" also combos well with Lucky Rabbit's Foot, allowing you to draw a card after you fail the test.


Jun 10, 2021 Ponso · 2

Consider running Mariner's Compass, is quite strong with any darkhorse deck and is even stronger with pete since u can ready it if needed.

Also it frees you the offcolor magnifying glass so you can take one lucky cigarette case wich works perfectly if u want to abuse scavenging since u will trigger bot at the same time.

I dont like forbidden knowledge but thats up to you