Lola the clues

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Scavenging Lola - Carcosa 0 0 0 1.0

Eruantalon 21

My attempt at putting Lola multi-class mix to a good use. Tried to put many passive bonuses, not to have to change the role too often.

Considering adding Alyssa for extra Sanity and another passive boost, but bit concerned it'd require a role change just to play her.

To be played in a team, possibly of 4, so DoN can be used effectively.

For upgrades, Deduction and Higher education are the obvious picks, as well as Lockpicks.


Oct 12, 2017 Synisill 175

Lola will need her team's assistance as far as combat goes. I guess she will stick to her companions like a drosophila. Hopefully none of them puts up a fight over Leo - remember, he is a unique character!

Good luck to your diva!