Flex Wini, after surviving Edge of the Earth (50+ XP)

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DerBK · 345

Wini and Stella return from the Antarctica as victors. Wini is pretty much perfect for that campaign.

Thanks to Charon's Obol and Thick of It, i got to throw XP at this deck as if i was doing TFA, which led to such luxury options like double All In and double Another Dollar.

The general idea is to take a page out of the Mystics book, who always use their one good skill to test everything. For Wini, that means using agility to find clues with Pilfer and fight with Backstab or Cheap Shot.

Sled Dogs are also an excellent addition to her arsenal, she gets three of them out in no time due to drawing so many cards.

Of course that means that the rest of the deck has to go towards generating money. Playing Sled Dogs isn't cheap and neither is throwing around Backstabs and Pilfers each turn. First time i played Hot Streak(4) in a loooooong time. Between Easy Mark, Hot Streak, Day/Dollar and Watch This, the money was well taken care of, though. In the first few scenarios Takada helped out a bit as well, but that wasn't necessary anymore after Forbidden Peaks.

The deck had Lockpicks in it for a good while, but after picking up Mineral Specimen and Kensler's Log i decided to get rid of them. There's really not a whole lot of room in this deck. I also had two Cigarette Cases for most of the campaign (one level 3, one level 0), but with the last couple XP i swapped the level 0 out for the second All In.

I'm very happy with the deck's performance. Wini is always a blast to play and EotE is a great campaign for her to shine.

Level zero deck: https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/35156/flex-wini-ready-for-antarctica-0xp-1.0
Stella: https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/35305/stella-after-surviving-edge-of-the-earth-36xp-1.0