Geared Up Sefina (Not Tested)

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clarity86 · 8

I'm not even sure if this is barely practical, but I thought having a big hand of cards at the start of the game might be a good idea for Geared Up. Since the only investigator who has more than 5 cards at the beginning of the game is Sefina (excluding Diana for obvious reasons), I thought it would be interesting if she could put multiple items in play at the start of the game.

In a perfect world, Sefina could play Lockpicks, Scroll of Secrets, Talisman of Protection, Crystallizer of Dreams, Robes of Endless Night, Liquid Courage and Painkillers in the first turn, while holding onto 5 additional event cards.

This deck is not tested, and I only have cards up to The Circle Undone, so I do not know much about newer cards. I just wanted to share the idea of it.