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SemiSecretSquirrel · 125

Don't let the visual diarrhea fool you, there's a lot of shit in here. Speaking of shit- Lola. Damn. Is there ever going to be a deck that is Remotely viable with her? Who knows. Maybe this is it. Maybe it isn't. But just the same, thank you for the read, and enjoy.

The idea is to, in theory, be able to 'use' 2 classes in conjunction with each other- mostly by using Red/Green/Blue.

For example:

The basic .45 Thompson is both Blue/Green. heavily mulled over putting in the Lv. 3, but needed the dual class for stability. The idea behind using Thompson and Sledgehammer is that whichever you are using at the time, you have the ability to use/still fight and swap over to another class while still being able to use your weapon and new role you switched to.

Sledgehammer (Red/Blue)- With bandolier you get to use Multi-Tool. Inversely, with Thompson, you can use lockpicks. In both situations you can fight and potentially clue.

So that covers fighting. 2 options, Wow. :)

Summoned Horse, I mean Hound. I accidently typed Horse, and am leaving it, because Summoned Horse would be a Nightmare and that's badass. Anyway, Hound gives you a free action Fight/Investigate. Lola needs all the help she can get. Yeah, there really isn't any synergy, but if you get it early and dont have anything else, at least you can somewhat clue and fight.

Hunter's Armor- Grab the Enchanted trait, and now it takes up an Arcane spot, and we have no spells that take up one, so Yay. Now you can equip your Bandolier over your Hunter's Armor- Or backpack, whichever. This is important because you can now equip BOTH .45 Thompson and Sledgehammer, thus, enabling you to switch roles and still be able to fight while using the new role you picked.

Speaking of Backpack. I totally stole Vincent's setup with Geared up and Schoffner's Catalogue. Idea situation is you pull backpack in your opening hand with the catalogue, or dig for it with Backpack. Play all the red items you can, then switch to the class you pulled the most playable cards for. There are 22 items in this deck, out of 60 cards, so odds are 1:3.

Med Student- Free heal and soak. Leo- Extra action (probably could be changed out but I'm tired at the moment)

Crystaline Eldersign- She needs stats. And yeah, your partner might hate you, but you're playing w/Lola, so gtfo.

Moonstone- Hopefully discard it because we took Forced Learning.

Bandages/Something Worth Fighting For/True Grit- Horror/Damage Soak

Track Shoes- Evade. And I like to fill up every slot, so that could be taken out.

Charon's Obol/Delve to Deep/Down The Rabbit Hole- XP help for all this crap. Using the 3xp from In the Thick of It to get Charon's Obol at the start of the campaign for more xp. Float 1xp or grab well-maintained.

In fact, use well-maintained on your backpack for my loot, OR! OR...! Use Act of desperation to chunk .45 Thompson or Sledgehammer for +6/+3 fist on a fight action. Throw on brute force for show.

Also, Lola is weird, so I'm not 100% on that last combo, but stay with me here.

Call for Backup- Probably the only printed card with her in mind. It's -5- actions in one if you have a Blue/Red card in play, since you have Green/Yellow/Purple permanents. Can't beat that.

Contraband- More ammo.

Delve too Deep- XP for all this shit

Drawn to the flame- We probably suck at getting clues in the first few scenarios, so there you go.

Dynamite- Because DY-NO-MIGHTTTTTT

Faustian Bargain- Resources.

Gang up- Nothing like punching at an 8 fist for 6 Damage :)

Kicking the hornets nest- Clue/Move/Resources- Action compression

Scrounge for supplies- Get your shit back

Resourceful- Also get your shit back.

Well my friends, I would say that I welcome all of the questions/comments/concerns after this review; but, it's Lola. So, fuck.

Hope you enjoyed the read though! I feel like this build, if nothing else, is worth a participation trophy ^_^

See ya space cowboy!


Sep 16, 2023 mattastrophic · 2823

I actually did a 60 card Lola through Dark Matter, and it turned out really well.


Don't sleep on the actress!

Sep 16, 2023 SemiSecretSquirrel · 125

@mattastrophic Looks as hanky as mine XD lol I didn't think about Strength in Numbers, so I'm going to steal that one :)

Sep 16, 2023 Bardo · 1

It looks like a crackhead made it.... i freaking love the idea

Sep 20, 2023 Giuseppe_octgn · 1

I really like this concept... one could stack many customizable cards and grow into what you need to be as the campaign progresses... still, what do you think about using Ice Pick over Pocket Multi Tool? Would it be worth it? In the end it costs more xp, but supports the multi-class theme...

Sep 20, 2023 SemiSecretSquirrel · 125

@Giuseppe_octgn. Well, I personally would prefer multi-tool over Ice pick, only for versatility. +2 on a treachery is sweet. Giving others the ability to use it is good as well. I particularly like it for the reaction ability that says 'Ready' when you fail a test. So, if you do fail a test if you triggered the bonus, at least it readies for the next test. But yeah, all the custom tools in her deck might be pretty cool.