Daisy Squeezes XP from Dunwich

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LifeLynx · 7

This deck is designed to get a much higher than average amount of XP out of The Dunwich Legacy, and also to help my newer-player friends through a blind playthrough of the campaign.


Dr. Milan and Cryptic Writings will form the economy. Before upgrading, Archaic Glyphs and Ravenous Myconid can give resources, which is great - early in the campaign is when the deck will need the most money. Milan is one of the few cards that can't be upgraded, but he doesn't need it. Cryptic Writings can be, however. Most of the deck is cheap, and upgraded Old Book of Lore helps with setting up.

Encounter Protection

As mentioned, I plan on upgrading to Sentient Strain. Ward of Protection is an easy upgrade the entire team will love. There are plenty of willpower boosts as well.


Early on, Daisy is likely to use her free reading time on Old Book of Lore, but Grim Memoir is fantastic as well - a free investigate each turn makes up for its lack of clue acceleration. Nothing really needs to be said about Archaic Glyphs's acceleration, however.

Card Draw

Old Book of Lore, Grim Memoir, and Occult Lexicon will help loop through the deck. Beyond the Veil makes this dangerous, but Deny Existence and Ward of Protection can be saved during scenarios that include that encounter set.


The goal of this deck is to only upgrade existing cards. Down the Rabbit Hole is fantastic in Daisy, as the majority of the cards in every Daisy deck are upgradable. This is two guaranteed free XP per scenario, which indirectly helps other players through upgrading Ward of Protection and Old Book of Lore.

With Old Book of Lore, Daisy will have no problem finding Delve too Deep at the right time to fire them off right before the scenario ends. Ward of Protection is a good early upgrade target just in case myself or others are in danger of defeat from one of these extra encounter cards.

Old Book of Lore is great on its own, and will be helped with The Raven Quill. Again, the Book makes drawing the Quill more reliable.

In the Thick of It ticks the Living Quill and Spectral Binding boxes on The Raven Quill, leaving 1 XP left over for after the first scenario, hopefully helping to upgrade Archaic Glyphs.

There are two things to note about progression:

  1. At level 0, Daisy has her hands full of hand slot-requiring items. Archaic Glyphs gets upgraded to a spell slot, and The Raven Quill can make Old Book of Lore slotless.

  2. Higher Education upgrades to a permanent, meaning that there's a free 0 XP opening. Since I foresee damage being a problem, this may very well turn into Medical Texts, Painkillers, or Bizarre Diagnosis.