Willfully Weak Minded Wastrel

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Abodmuthkat · 126

The eventual centerpiece of this deck is intended to be Lola Santiago, who lets you turn cash directly into clues, action-free. With that in mind, it has the following resource generators:

  • Pickpocketing: Having an extra action each turn just for evading turns this from a merely okay card into a pretty good card. After 4 XP, it also turns into a consistent 1-2 resources each turn, and doesn't take an extra action to play. If we get Smuggled Goods, this is the intended target.
  • Madame Labranche: A bit of an odd pick for a splash card, but we're going to be spending money as fast as we make it, on either Streetwise or Lola. An extra resource each turn, and a 2 health, 2 sanity soak isn't a bad deal. And every once in a while, you can even get an extra card draw instead.
  • Watch This!: Sadly, Finn can't take Hot Streak, but this is reasonably acceptable. Could be swapped for Emergency Cache without much issue.
  • Lone Wolf: Finn has built in evade actions, so he shouldn't suffer much from running off on his own. It's not like any reasonable amount of commits is going to help him on that willpower test, anyways.

Put it all together, and after spending 2 actions and 7 resources, Finn can have a potential gain of 5 resources per turn.

Then, of course, there's the cluefinding tools:

  • Eavesdrop plays perfectly with Finn's toolset. He'll already be getting some nice card draw and/or resources from evading enemies; now he'll be getting more clues, too. And Streetwise means if you can't find an enemy with a low evade value... well, two more resources will fix that right up.
  • Flashlight (-> Lockpicks): Standard tools for investigating. An 8-10 investigate isn't something to sneer at, especially if you have a Double or Nothing in hand.
  • Lola: 2 health, 2 sanity, and a boost to both intellect and agility. Just her base abilities are exactly what Finn wants in an ally, and she also offers a testless means of getting clues from even high shroud locations.

After 13 XP spent on Streetwise, Lola, and Pickpocketing, Finn can invest in Lockpicks / rogue weapons as he pleases.

Note that there is a significant weakness here: that 1 willpower isn't compensated for at all, with barely any willpower commits in the deck. Instead, we have "You handle this one!" and "Logical Reasoning". One makes that willpower test someone else's problem, while the other lets you heal off horror, or get rid of Frozen in Fear.

Some suggestions for swapping cards, depending on players:

  • If not playing with Leo Anderson, Leo de Luca and Elusive can both come back into the deck. Leo Anderson desperately needs an evasion tool that isn't his 1 agility, since Forgotten Age appears to be making just killing everything a less viable strategy, and Cat Burglars alone aren't enough. Leo de Luca is also an ally, and Leo is almost certainly packing Calling in Favors, so Leo can make better use of Leo.
  • If your seeker is willing to take Logical Reasoning for you, consider swapping for something else. Perhaps a Lucky! and a second Fire Axe?
  • If you're not playing with a Seeker, then swapping out Madame Labranche for Dr. Milan will do wonders for your build.