Daisy Walker Echos of the past

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jacque_stampunk · 3

Daisy Walker a local librarian has been hired by the local historical society to assist with cataloging books that were recently found in a hidden library within the walls of the old building. Daisy knowing this old building has been known for local groups that are not so friendly looking for this same library, she buckles down her courage, grab her old friend Dr. Milan Christopher, and because she needs the money takes the job on.

For the Drawn to the flame contest. This may not be a particularly good deck to play as an FYI. I just decided she would find lots of books in the library (why she has like every tome she can carry. I feel like once inside she could not help herself to reading said books which is why I put in Delve Too Deep. I also figured some of the society people might lend a hand which is why I included Research Librarian.


Aug 09, 2018 Magnificate · 600

I've had a very similar idea! A seeker in the historical society really is quite thematic.