Clue-cktail on the Rocks lvl 0 *AN 2018 Cluever Build*

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MythosBusters · 1727

This is the baseline for Sean's Daisy Cluever/Support deck, which helped take down Path to Carcosa at Arkham Nights 2018. The deck is geared purely for high-count multiplayer, so aside from Mind over Matter, it has zero enemy management. Everything in here is geared toward clue acquisition and support. It's not like this is some revolutionary Daisy deck; you mulligan hard for Dr. Milan Christopher or Old Book of Lore to get things rolling. You stick close to someone who can pull enemies off of you, and you gobble up clues like they're about to go stale. But let's talk about some specific card choices:

Archaic Glyphs: this was meant to be upgraded to Archaic Glyphs in my campaign, which was 4p, but if I were playing 2p with this deck, I'd probably opt for Archaic Glyphs. Perhaps even a cheeky Shrewd Analysis.

Research Librarian is merely your third Old Book of Lore, for consistency. That is all.

Astral Travel is in here purely to escape from The Unspeakable Oath. Definitely droppable in any campaign but Carcosa.

Logical Reasoning, one of my top support cards for horror heal, and I never regretted having those willpower icons.

Premonition; if you've given this card a pass, you need to look again. This is the best support card in the deck. Why? Because being able to inform your friend Leo Anderson that he's 100% in the clear to burn both of those Vicious Blows on this test is a great feeling. What, Sefina Rousseau needs to hit a Double or Nothing on a Storm of Spirits test? Boy, it'd sure be good to know exactly how much we need to pump into that, wouldn't it? Yeah, what makes Premontion go from a meh card to a bomb card is just knowing when to play it.

Enraptured pulls double duty. In the early campaign, it's just a decent intellect Icon, but more importantly, if you commit it and have Archaic Glyphs in play, you can pop a secret straight on there without burning an action. Once you have them translated, it helps keep them full.

Overall, I'm really happy with how the early deck performed, There are a few flex slots that could be subbed depending on the campaign, but I don' t think I'd change anything. After all this deck grew into a Black Hole for Clues...