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This deck is intended to be played with 3 other decks such that all 4 decks can be constructed with only 2 core sets. The other decks can be found at:

Skids Deck (includes discussion of investigator selection)

Wendy Deck

Agnes Deck

Daisy is pretty easy to build with 2 cores. Include all of the Tomes and Research Librarian to help find them. Once you get Old Book of Lore, you can ditch the librarians for Dr. Milan Christopher. The one card I would normally include is Scrying, but Agnes was using both copies. 2x Manual Dexterity helps against Grasping Hands since she has such little health. Hopefully you don't have to use the Knife because she has a lot of hand assets, but it's there in case you need to kill some rats or cultists.