"Ashcan" Pete off on a Dunwich Adventure

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gallie_ak · 1

Ashcan Pete, down to earth, wise and resourceful.

Ashcan Pete build for a three player playthrough.

I have only just started playing, so I have limited cards to draw on. I am going to limit myself to only having access to new cards as and when I reach their mythos scenario, as though I am playing them as they are released.

The idea behind the deck is 'bite, search and move', with good card cycling. I also hope to keep a guardian close by, just in case Duke gets a overwhelmed.

Feedback welcome.


Dec 05, 2018 Azriel · 1

How many hands does your Pete have? Because you have enough cards for 7 hands, you might have spent too much time in a weird dimension!

Flashlight should be an easy card to remove, Pete is bad at investigating on his own, and Duke should be the one investigating anyway.

Ritual candles don't seem like they combo with anything either?

Also, as much as possible, you should take 2 copies of each card. So vicious blow 2, magnifying glass2, and a fifth cards from any class.

Your deck also seem hella expensive. You have a trainer (dig deep), the fire axe, and quite a few expensive cards. You also took scavenging, which seem to imply you might want to play some items several times (or commit them to tests perhaps?), and the only thing you have to fuel your deck are a couple of emergency caches. Also, because of Pete average skill at investigating, scavenging might not really work.

Finally, survivors have some of the best allies, and yet you didn't take any. Duke might be an amazing ally, but he doesn't take the ally slot, so go ahead and find yourself a pal to get crazy with ! But not literally though.

Dec 06, 2018 gallie_ak · 1

Thanks for the feedback. There is actually a method to the madness (although I fully admit it might totally fail in practice, as I have not played a great deal.)

Thanks for letting me know about Duke, I thought he was the only ally I could have out! Knowing I can put another ally out is great.

I will be going with a guardian and mystic, and I think I will be the main clue getter, which explains the magnifying glasses and flashlights. I loaded up on the hand items in the hope of recycling them with scavenging and using committing them to tests (which, I admit, fails miserably if I don't draw enough plus 2s). This is also why Book of Lore and Rabbit's Foot is in there, to give me more cards, with the potential of Ritual Candles increasing the +2 searches.

I will definitely give the deck another think. From what you said, the whole concept of lots of committing cards, recycling and the potential to shift to doing decent damage may need to be scrapped. I will give an amended version a run on the intro scenario with a guardian sidekick and see how it goes.