"Ashcan" Pete looking for glory

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Xavor · 8

This is my first test for a Pete's deck. Since I play one handed solo and I'm getting tired to use Roland or Jenny, I wanted to test a survivor and needed to have fight capabilies to do +1 damage for hard enemies and being good investigating so I thought Pete was a good option but didn't wanted to fully depend on Duke. This deck allows receiving physical (avoiding actions lose by using damage cure cards) or mental damage (since I included only teddy bear I also put a couple of copies of liquid courage and Peter Silvestre for which we could easily find the second copy to play for free recovering a played one to our hand) on objects that can be recovered from the discad pile with a successfull investigation or improve statistics under some circumstances. My initial objective could be to have Silvestre early played so I can have with Duke a base 4-4-4-4 starting statistics from start.


Feb 12, 2019 vosh · 8

Duke ia an ally. That means for peter to come out you would lose duke right? Might just be best to start a scenario with 2 other cards then upgrade for charisma and the upgrades of peter. I could be wrong about duke though (might be something unique im missing)

Feb 13, 2019 fuzzlewhack · 7

@voshDuke has the Ally trait, but does not take up an Ally slot; Duke fits in the "Other" category, with things like Physical Training and Scavenging. If you compare Peter Sylvestre and Duke's cards, you'll see Peter has the Ally icon and Duke does not.