Name Class C. Type Icons Traits Set Encounter
Green Man Medallion: Hour of the Huntress Neutral 1 Asset Item. Relic Books 2
Sacrificial Beast Neutral Enemy Monster. Dark Young. Books 3
Mysteries Remain Neutral 0 Event Insight. Books 5
The Dirge of Reason Neutral Treachery Madness. Books 6
Norman Withers: The Astronomer Seeker Investigator Miskatonic. Books 7
Split the Angle: Ire of the Void Neutral 2 Asset Spell. Books 8
Vengeful Hound Neutral Enemy Monster. Extradimensional. Tindalos. Books 9
Carolyn Fern: The Psychologist Guardian Investigator Medic. Books 10
Foolishness: Foolish Cat of Ulthar Neutral 4 Asset Ally. Creature. Dreamlands. Books 11
To Fight the Black Wind Neutral Treachery Task. Dreamlands. Books 12
Silas Marsh: The Sailor Survivor Investigator Drifter. Books 13
Nautical Prowess Neutral Skill Innate. Developed. Books 14
Dreams of the Deep: The Deep Gate Neutral Skill Curse. Books 15