Act. Stage 3
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A woman with a torch stands in your parlor, a glimmer of hatred in her eyes. "What have you done to my barrier?" she screams, furious. Before you can enter, a ghastly wail sounds behind you, and a creature wearing robes and a deer skull mask tears through the wall, advancing towards you.

Objective - If the Ghoul Priest is Defeated, advance.

Jose Vega
Core Set #110. The Gathering #7.
What Have You Done?

Defending the Home - Back

When the robed creature falls, the fiendish swarm burrows back into the ground and the chaos of the house quiets. But the stranger in your parlor chamber doesn't seem relieved.
"You broke my seal that was set to trap the ghouls within." She raises her torch. "Now, we must take more direct measures and burn this hell-pit to the ground!"

The lead investigator must decide (choose one):

- It was never much of a home. Burn it down! (→R1)

- This hell-pit is my home! No way are we burning it! (→R2)

What Have You Done?
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • The Objective ability is mandatory, it will trigger as soon as you defeat the Ghoul Priest, before any "After you defeat an enemy" reactions can be used.
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