Act. Stage 3
Clues: –
"Free drinks for whoever gets me the hell out of here!" A man exclaims from the bar.

While Peter Clover is not controlled by a player, he gains ": Parley. Test (3) to convince Peter to follow you. If you succeed, place 1 clue from the token bank on him. If there are 1 clues on Peter Clover, take control of him."

Objective - If each undefeated investigator has resigned, advance.

Chris Peuler
The Dunwich Legacy #69. The House Always Wins #8.

Escaping the Club - Back

You make your way toward the rain-slicked streets of Arkham.

- If an investigator resigned with Peter Clover under his or her control, (→R3)

- Otherwise, (→R1)


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