Agenda. Stage 1

Doom: 4. Clues: –
As the train to Dunwich comes to a jarring stop, you look out the window behind you and see an immense tear in the sky, like a rip in a piece of cloth. Several of the rearmost train cars are pulled backwards, and there is a dreadful metallic crunch as they are detached. The train cars topple upwards and into the rift in the sky. Nearby passengers are panicking, others are cowering in their seats, and one elderly man has fainted in fear.
Matt Bradbury
The Essex County Express #160. The Essex County Express #2.

Keep Moving! - Back

The rearmost car of the train detaches as it is pulled backwards. To your horror, it rises off the tracks and is consumed by the gate above you.

Remove the leftmost location from the game (or place it in the victory display if it has Victory X and no clues on it). Each investigator at that location is defeated. Each enemy and asset at that location is discarded.

Discard all clues controlled by the investigators.

A Tear in Reality
A Tear in Reality


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