Agenda. Stage 2
Doom: 3. Clues: –
The tear grows larger, and you can feel the rearmost car of the train shaking as it is pulled backwards. The situation threatens to erupt into chaos as more passengers realize the danger they are in. Some passengers are looking for places to hide, while others are running about the compartments in terror.
The Essex County Express #161. The Essex County Express #3.
The Maw Widens

Don't Stop! - Back

The next train car is ripped backwards with violent force. A middle-aged man hangs from his fingertips as the car flies unhindered toward the rift. In moments, the car is consumed whole, and the man lets go rather than be pulled into the void. He starts to fall, but is caught by the rift's force and pulled inside it anyway.

Remove the leftmost location from the game (or place it in the victory display if it has Victory X and no clues on it). Each investigator at that location is defeated. Each enemy and asset at that location is discarded.

Discard all clues controlled by the investigators.

The Maw Widens

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