Act. Stage 1
Clues: 2.
A vibrant arcane energy fills the air with a bone-rattling chill. The energy swirls along the crushed trail before you, and seeps down several other paths before disappearing.

Objective - When the investigators have collected the requisite number of clues, they must immediately spend them and advance.

Lino Drieghe
Where Doom Awaits #277. Where Doom Awaits #4.
The Path to the Hill

A Sacrifice Made - Back

During your search through the wooded paths around the base of Sentinel Hill, you come across a startling sight. A herd of sheep lays dead upon the ground in a secluded clearing, their bloodied carcasses placed in a strange but careful pattern. Holding your nose against the stench of death, you step over mangled sheep on your way to the center of the odd formation.
In the center of the sheep lies the corpse of a man. A clear jewel has been firmly pressed into his forehead, caving in the front of his skull. His eyes are wide, his face contorted in a vision of fear, as if beseeching you for mercy. Though you know better, you check for a pulse. As you touch the man's skin, the jewel in his forehead dissolves, and the woods around you seem to clear.

The arcane presence masking the path further up the hill has faded. Reveal Ascending Path.

Remove all clues from each location in play.

The Path to the Hill

if playing the return version, this sentences:

Reveal Ascending Path. Remove all clues from each location in play.

must be inverse to be playable

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