Act. Stage 2
Clues: –
As you ascend the hill, the environment around you grows increasingly strange and otherworldly. The arcane energy feels even stronger here, crackling in the air and crawling on your skin.

Clues cannot be placed on non-Altered locations.

Objective - When an investigator enters Sentinel Peak, advance.

Lino Drieghe
Where Doom Awaits #278. Where Doom Awaits #5.
Ascending the Hill (v. I)

Trip the Pattern - Back

Approaching the peak of Sentinel Hill, you are confronted by several citizens of Dunwich. The man in the center of their circle chants in Latin while the others bow their heads in reverence. "Seth Bishop?" you ask presumptively. The man in the center raises his gaze in response, confirming your suspicions. You plead with the man to stop this madness, but he doesn't respond. You draw forth the silver constellation pendant you'd found on Silas's body and present it to Seth. "This is all we found of your brother," you shout over the howling wind. "Is this the fate you want for yourself? For all of us?" You throw the pendant onto the ground. Staggered by the sight of it, he stumbles backwards and trips over his incantation, eyes widened. As he falls, the altar behind him splits open, and a torrent of energy pours from the stone, swirling into an open gate that swallows the man whole. You barely manage to dig your heels in and grab hold of a nearby rock to resist the pull of the gate.

Remove the set-aside Seth Bishop enemy from the game.

Ascending the Hill (v. I)

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