Balcony - Back

A carpeted staircase leads up into the balcony. Somehow, a hot draft is blowing down through the steep passageway.


Shroud: 2. Clues: 1.

Forced - After you perform a move action during which you move from the Balcony to the Theatre: Take 2 damage.

Victory 1.
To your disappointment, the balcony sections are much like the ground floor below, although every now and then you think you spot a figure moving silently in the aisles.
Mark Molnar
The Path to Carcosa #51. Curtain Call #11.


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The world building in Arkham is always very good, but you need to use some imagination to understand why some cards say what they do. In this case, jumping from the balcony directly to the ground floor would definitely hurt, so you need to take 2 damage. It's those little things behind the card text that make them so great.

antonior · 6
Cinematically, if you move without a move action, such as with Shortcut, Pathfinder, or Elusive, you don't take damage! — Death by Chocolate · 1376
In a recent game, someone did jump off the balcony to get away from a hunter. I was so happy; it was like having a little checkbox on my personal "Arkham Achievements" list checked off. — LivefromBenefitSt · 1023