Ishimaru Haruko
Just Skin and Bones


Monster. Lunatic. Elite.

Fight: 6. Health: 4. Evade: 3.
Damage: 4. Horror: 1.


Forced - After you deal damage to Ishimaru Haruko by an effect other than an attack: Draw the top card of the encounter deck.

"Doesn't this dress look gorgeous on me?"
Matt Bradbury
The Path to Carcosa #67.
Ishimaru Haruko

Each investigator at Ishimaru Haruko's location takes 1 horror.

Move each clue from Ishimaru Haruko to her location.

Flip this card to its enemy side, and switch it with the Bystander asset version of Ishimaru Haruko, removing that version from the game.

A nearby guest asks Haruko if she designed the dress she is wearing, and she nods and poses for him. As if part of her effort to appear taller, her spine grows and extends upward, separating her torso from the bottom half of her body. Instead of crying out in pain, she smiles at the attention she receives.
The Path to Carcosa #67. The Last King #7.
Sickening Reality

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