Sebastien Moreau
Savage Hysteria


Monster. Lunatic. Elite.

Fight: 3. Health: 5. Evade: 3.
Damage: 2. Horror: 2.

Hunter. Retaliate.

Sebastien Moreau's attacks cannot be canceled.

"Want to be in our next performance?"
Martin de Diego Sádaba
The Path to Carcosa #68.
Sebastien Moreau

Each investigator at Sebastien Moreau's location takes 1 horror.

Move each clue from Sebastien Moreau to his location.

Flip this card to its enemy side, and switch it with the Bystander asset version of Sebastien Moreau, removing that version from the game.

Sebastien’s passionate debate with another guest turns ugly. His temper transforms not just his demeanor but his body as well. Thick fur sprouts from his skin, along with several bulbous growths that leak pus and blood. His suit tears as his body distorts, bones snapping and muscles bulging. He is as much beast as he is man.
The Path to Carcosa #68. The Last King #8.
Sickening Reality

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