Act. Stage 4
Clues: –
All hell has broken loose.

Ignore the text on the unrevealed side of Arkham Asylum locations.

Garden gains: " If there is no ready enemy in the Garden: Resign. Finally, a way out!"

Objective - If each undefeated investigator has resigned, advance.

Jokubas Uogintas
The Unspeakable Oath #167. The Unspeakable Oath #9.
No Asylum

Escape - Back


If "you took the keys by force," read the following:

As you attempt to escape, you are spotted by the nurse you attacked earlier, leading a group of guards. "There they are! Quickly, restrain them!"


Otherwise, read the following:

The guards are too busy controlling the situation and restraining the asylum's patients to notice your escape.


No Asylum
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