Humanoid. Cultist.

Fight: 2. Health: 3. Evade: 2.
Damage: –. Horror: 1.


Brotherhood Cultist gets +1 fight and +1 evade for each doom on it.

Forced - When you initiate an attack against Brotherhood Cultist: Place 1 doom on Brotherhood Cultist.

Romana Kendelic
The Forgotten Age #95. Pnakotic Brotherhood #1-2.
Brotherhood Cultist

“ugh, THIS Guy.” Learn this phrase well! You will be using it any time Sean Connery here shows up to throw your priorities out the window.

Forgotten Age is known as The Campaign Where Evading Matters; its only slightly less well known as The Campaign Where 3 Dmg Is The New 2 Dmg, and THIS Guy is a big reason. For such an avuncular looking 2-3-2, he can snowball into a game ender -fast-.

He’s straightforward- Kill him early, and in as few hits as possible. Don’t underestimate him. Think of it like this: got a straightforward machete guardian with 3 actions handy, figuring “Easy least, 2 chops and he’s gone, and I can afford a miss”. Yeah, well, bear in mind if you do miss either the 1st or 2nd swing, your final hit will be vs. a 5 Fight target, and not the slam dunk I’d anticipated. Miss that 3rd and now you’ve got 3 doom walking around the table.

HanoverFist · 532
TFA taught me to never set out to explore the jungle without .... a pair of Handcuffs ??? I really hate this guy, obnoxious to fight, but difficult to evade because of the hunter keyword, and the threat of that Dark Cult treachery turning him into a god — aurchen · 1
I won’t say he’s the worst, because there are so many candidates, but he is a royal PitA, that’s for sure. — LivefromBenefitSt · 910
Yeah I just evade this guy whenever he shows up. Not a big problem to do so. — StyxTBeuford · 12723
He's definitely evade-able and of course that's encouraged in TFA. Then somebody pulls Mysterious Chanting like aurchen mentioned, and you have to burn down the 5+ fight creep or lose 2+ full rounds. Which may not happen, esp in solo! Come to think of it, this may be a rare sort of common enemy who's more dangerous in MP (admittedly most of my games are 3P or 4P) but easily dodged in solo. — HanoverFist · 532
I'm a pretty big fan of Hatchet Man + Delilah O'Rourke to deal with this MF. — Zinjanthropus · 209
Generally testless damage is very effective against this guy. — Django · 4246