Act. Stage 1
Clues: –
As you depart the hotel, you realize that the landscape of the city has been altered. Silver lightning crackles in the sky overhead, and the earth rumbles deep below your feet. Monstrous, polypous entities float just below the clouds. "What is going on?" you yell to Ichtaca over the whistling wind. "What is this place?"
"One future," she replies enigmatically.

Objective - After the first Tenochtitlán location enters play by exploring successfully, advance.

Matthew Cowdery
The Boundary Beyond #165. The Boundary Beyond #5.
Crossing the Threshold

Into the Past - Back

In the distance, light seeps through a wide crack in the ground. As you approach it, you realize the chasm is not natural at all. Below, you see the sky, as if you were peering into a reflection of the clouds above. Wisps of grey smoke emerge from the chasm, giving off a familiar bittersweet scent. You step through and resist the urge to vomit as the world spins upside-down. When you open your eyes again, you are in another place. Not somewhere, but somewhen.

The investigator who just put a Tenochtitlán location into play by exploring successfully must test (4). If he or she fails, he or she must search the collection for a random basic Madness or Injury weakness and shuffle it into his or her deck.

(Note: Be aware that location connections are different on Tenochtitlán locations.)

Crossing the Threshold

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