Act. Stage 2
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Is this real, or a vision? Either way, the secrets of the ancients may hold the key to finding the Nexus of N’kai…

Objective - Find paths to the Nexus by discovering all of the clues from as many different Tenochtitlán locations as you can before time runs out. If there are 6 Tenochtitlán locations in play with no clues on them, advance.

Matthew Cowdery
The Boundary Beyond #166. The Boundary Beyond #6.
Past and Present

Vision of the Future - Back

The silver flashes of lightning become more frequent, and the sky starts to split open. Thunder rumbles in the distance, and you watch as the skylines of both cities - the present-day city and its ancient predecessor - are consumed in a giant stone maw. Six pillars surround the cavernous opening, each glowing vibrantly. A red hue erupts from the center of the opening, and the ground shakes with the force of an earthquake. "We've seen enough. We must get out of here while we still can!" Ichtaca shouts. For the first time since meeting her, you hear trembling in her voice.

Add each Tenochtitlán location in play to the victory display. Then, for each Present-Day location in play, search the exploration deck for a location with a matching location symbol in the upper-left corner and place it on top of that location, taking its place.

Each investigator loses each of his or her clues.

Spawn the set-aside Padma Amrita enemy in Templo Mayor.

Remove the current agenda deck from the game. Put the set-aside act 3a and agenda 3a into play as the current act and agenda.

Past and Present
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: If the agenda or act in Boundary Beyond advances to 3, and that causes the version of Templo Mayor to come out that says "shuffle your discard pile into your deck", who has to do that forced effect? If you are advancing the act, is it the player who actually advanced it? Do you just pick a player? Does no player do it? A: Generally speaking, whenever it is unclear who is resolving an ability, the investigators may choose who is resolving it. In the event that the investigators cannot decide, the lead investigator must resolve it. In this case, the person who is resolving the ability on Templo Mayor is the investigator advancing the act. In the event that it’s unclear who exactly advanced the act, simply decide at that moment in time amongst the investigators.
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