Revelation - You must decide (choose one):

- Choose and shuffle an Ancient location back into the exploration deck (the Present-Day location underneath it takes its place).

- Place 1 doom on the current agenda (this effect can cause the current agenda to advance).

Jose Vega
The Boundary Beyond #189. The Boundary Beyond #30-32.
Window to Another Time

Consider that Padma Amrita only locks down clues on Ancient locations. If you choose to remove an Ancient location, it causes all of the clues that were on it to go to the Present Day location that was under it. Now you have some clues you can discover even when Padma is ready.

Signum · 12
I suspect, they forgot to instruct players to remove these cards from the game on Agenda 2b. TBH, it's one of the worst cards to draw beforehand, but kind of the encounter deck offering you a freebie during Agenda 3. — Susumu · 211
Even disregarding it messing up with Padme's ability, you can even choose, which location to go, potentially sending a hunter enemy on a large detour from your investigators or creating a beneficial shortcut for yourself.. — Susumu · 211