Act. Stage 1
Clues: 3.
You have come to Hangman’s Hill to investigate reports of ghost sightings and strange activity in the woods the last few nights, and to learn more about the witches who once hid in Arkham’s past — witches who have since emerged from the shadows in pursuit of some unholy purpose.

Locations cannot be flipped over.

Alexander Tooth
The Wages of Sin #164. The Wages of Sin #4.
In Pursuit of the Dead

The Barrier Between - Back

Soft chanting guides you to a gloomy clearing near the abandoned chapel. A circle of witchweed surrounds the clearing, swaying gently in the breeze. At the center of the clearing, a cloaked woman kneels in front of an unmarked grave, far from the remainder of the graveyard. You watch in quiet for a few minutes while the woman sings an old, somber melody. It reminds you somewhat of a child's lullaby - soothing, but with a dark gravity that betrays its purpose. As soon as the song ends, the woman's cloak dissolves into mist, and she vanishes in a swirl of shadows.

Spawn 1 set-aside Heretic enemy at each of the following locations: The Gallows, Heretics' Graves, Chapel Attic, and Chapel Crypt. Add 2 clues to each of those locations. Add 1 clues to each other location.

Check Campaign Log. If you have 3 or more mementos listed under "Mementos Discovered:" You understand the tragic lyrics behind the witch's song. Each investigator puts into play 1 set-aside Spectral Web asset, under his or her control.

In Pursuit of the Dead
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  • Erratum: This card’s ability should read: “Locations cannot be flipped to their Spectral side.” - FAQ, v.1.6, September 2019
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