Act. Stage 3
Clues: –
You are close to the site of the binding ritual. The braziers have already been lit, enabling the trap. You will have to unlight each of them in order to break the circle.

During a circle action, spend 1 clue: Reduce the difficulty of this skill test by 2.

Objective - If each Unvisited Isle location in play is revealed and the brazier on each of them is unlit, advance.

Frej Agelii
Union and Disillusion #244. Union and Disillusion #7.
Beyond the Mist (v. II)

Loyalty is Earned - Back

After nearly an hour spent searching through the dense mist, you finally arrive at the site of the Lodge's ritual, only to find it in chaos. Members of the Silver Twilight Lodge, each wearing robes of blue and silver, are embroiled in battle with the witches. "The ritual has neared completion!" Carl Sanford yells to you from across the clearing. "Bring the revenant here and end this!"
It is now or never. Glaring at the man, you throw the unlit braziers you snuffed along the way onto the ground, breaking the delicate wards placed upon them. Immediately, the dark mist invades, and hungry shapes in the mist descend upon the unfortunate members of the Lodge. "Traitor!" one yells. You try to ignore their cries of agony as you proceed towards the center of the clearing.

Reveal The Geist-Trap location. Move each investigator at an Unvisited Isle location to The Geist-Trap.

Remove all tokens from the chaos bag (even if they are currently sealed on cards in play) for the remainder of the campaign.

Beyond the Mist (v. II)

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