Act. Stage 3
Clues: –
You are close to the site of the binding ritual. You must light the braziers to find the way. Then, all that is left to do is bait the watcher to the trap and bind it there.

During a circle action, spend 1 clue: Reduce the difficulty of this skill test by 2.

Objective - If each Unvisited Isle location in play is revealed and the brazier on each of them is lit, advance.

Frej Agelii
Union and Disillusion #243. Union and Disillusion #6.
Beyond the Mist (v. I)

Against the Witches - Back

After nearly an hour spent searching through the dense mist, you finally arrive at the site of the Lodge's ritual, only to find it in chaos. Members of the Silver Twilight Lodge, each wearing robes of blue and silver, are embroiled in battle with the witches. "Complete the ritual!" Carl Sanford commands you from across the clearing. "It is the only way!"
Anette turns her attention to you, shocked and angered. "You again! I warned you we would not show mercy if we met a second time." She calls to her coven: "Sisters! We must not let them interfere this time. Do not let their circle close!"

Reveal The Geist-Trap location. Move each investigator at an Unvisited Isle location to The Geist-Trap.

Check Campaign Log. If the witches' spell was cast, spawn the set-aside Anette Mason at The Geist-Trap. If the witches' spell was broken, spawn 1 set-aside Coven Initiate at The Geist-Trap (2 instead if there are 3 or 4 investigators in the game).

Shuffle each remaining set-aside Witch enemy into the encounter deck, along with the encounter discard pile.

Beyond the Mist (v. I)

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