Act. Stage 2
Clues: 2.
The trap set by the Silver Twilight Lodge has drawn the attention of the spectral realm and its inhabitants. One way or another, those who were trapped in the mist will end up here.

Each investigator cannot leave the location in front of him or her.

Frej Agelii
Union and Disillusion #242. Union and Disillusion #5.
Fated Souls

From the Depths - Back

Before long, the revenant arrives.
It rises from the depths of the Miskatonic River, unfazed by the water or the mist. Sensing fear and blood, it glides slowly toward the island with its arm outstretched. Its gaze brings dismay. Its grasp brings death.

Spawn The Spectral Watcher at the Miskatonic River.

Shuffle each set-aside copy of Watcher's Grasp and Watcher's Gaze into the encounter deck, along with the encounter discard pile.

Return the location in front of each investigator to the center of the play area. (Investigators are no longer prevented from leaving their location.)

Put the set-aside The Geist-Trap location into play. If the investigators sided with the coven, the brazier at The Geist-Trap is already lit. Place a resource token on it to signify this.

Fated Souls

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