Act. Stage 3
Clues: –
You are close now. You can feel the churning and twisting of aeons in the emptiness around you. Here, in the nucleus of all things — the very center of chaos itself — your objective, and your ultimate fate, lie at hand.

Spend X clues: Draw the top X cards of the Cosmos. Choose one to put into play using its "Cosmos -" instructions, and move to it. Shuffle the rest back into the Cosmos.

Objective - If the lead investigator is at The Black Throne and there are no clues on it, advance.

Reiko Murakami
Before the Black Throne #331. Before the Black Throne #7.
What Must Be Done

The End - Back

You stand on a precipice before the Black Throne and gaze up at the blind, voiceless monstronsity that is Azathoth. The mere sight of it causes your vision to blur and your body to shake uncontrollably. The monotonous piping is so loud now, it rattles your bones and nearly causes you to vomit from the force upon your insides. Blood drips from your eyes and your ears.
Should Azathoth awaken, it will devour every world that ever was. You must act now, before it is too late.

Check Campaign Log.

- If at least two of the following are true, you may proceed to (→R2): You accepted your fate, Mesmirizing Flute is listed under "Mementos Discovered," and Ritual Components is listed under "Mementos Discovered."

- If at least two of the following are true, you may proceed to (→R3): You rejected your fate, Scrap of Torn Shadow is listed under "Mementos Discovered," and Wisp of Spectral Mist is listed under "Mementos Discovered."

- Otherwise, (→R4).

What Must Be Done

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