Act. Stage 2
Clues: 2.
Your bones shiver violently with the silent, still cold of this empty place. No light penetrates these black halls. No warmth reaches you, no breeze touches your skin. This must be what death feels like, you think morbidly.

Spend X clues: Draw the top X cards of the Cosmos. Choose one to put into play using its "Cosmos -" instructions, and move to it. Shuffle the rest back into the Cosmos.

Objective - Only investigators at Court of the Great Old Ones may spend the requisite number of clues, as a group, to advance. (Beware - any investigator who is not there will be killed.)

Reiko Murakami
Before the Black Throne #330. Before the Black Throne #6.
In Azathoth's Domain

Nucleaus of the Universe - Back

The winged creature lands on a winding walkway of black stone, extending into a ceaseless horizon of pitched void. It takes some prodding and encouragement before your steed continues onward. Even the most dreadful of beasts are terrified of this place, it seems. Yet still, you can hear the mindless chanting of those who dwell closest to the daemon-sultan, the maddening whining of the pipers, the monotonous drum-beats which thrum endlessly in your mind...

Remove Hideous Palace from the game. Shuffle each location in play other than Court of the Great Old Ones into the Cosmos. Each investigator at those locations is left behind and is killed. Each enemy at those locations is shuffled into the top 5 cards of the encounter deck.

Take the set-aside The Black Throne and the top 3 cards of the Cosmos, and shuffle them so you cannot tell which is which. Then, put them into play along with empty space, as depicted in "Location Placement for Act 3" in the Campaign Guide.

In player order, each investigator draws the top card of the encounter deck.

In Azathoth's Domain
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Erratum: This card’s second line of game text should read: “Shuffle each empty space into its owner’s deck and each location in play other than Court of the Great Old Ones into the Cosmos.” - FAQ, v.1.7, March 2020
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