Act. Stage 2

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The steps seem to descend forever. Every time you think you're nearing the end, you round another corner and see hundreds more.

While the bottommost Mysterious Stairs location is revealed, it gains: ": Resign."

Objective - Reach the bottom of the stairs. If each undefeated investigator has resigned, advance.

Aleksander Karcz
A Thousand Shapes of Horror #173. A Thousand Shapes of Horror #6.

Forced Entry - Back

The forlorn cries of the unnamable creature - whatever it is or once was - echo throughout the unnatural cavern from far above you. "It cannot reach us down here," Randolph says, letting out a sigh of relief. It was a harrowing descent, but you are finally safe from the indescribable thing. Even so, your safety is fleeting. The stairway coils below you with no end in sight. Windows in the spire's stone wall overlook an endless landscape of rocky crags and barren peaks, dimly lit by a grey phosphorous light. You are still many miles above the floor of this subterranean world, and who knows what horrors you may find once you arrive?
"This is only the beginning," Randolph warns you. "There is no turning back now. Are you ready to proceed?"


The Endless Stairs
The Endless Stairs


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Q: Can "I'm outta here!" be used to resign during A Thousand Shapes of Horror's Act 2a: The Endless Stairs regardless of whether or not the bottommost location is revealed, due to Act 2a's constant ability? (Assuming, of course, that one's current Mysterious Stairs location does not prevent resigning.) I.e., what is "a 'resign' ability" specifically defined as, for the purposes of "I'm outta here!"?

A: No, you cannot! The bottommost Mysterious Stairs location does not gain the “Resign” ability until it is revealed, as per the text on act 2. Essentially, the resign ability only exists while the bottommost stairs is revealed; until then, there is no scenario card with a “resign” ability in play, so you cannot play I’m outta here. Cheers, MJ Newman

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