Agenda. Stage 2
Doom: 8. Clues: –
Your every movement is coupled with the loud swashing of rippling water all around you. If the tide continues to rise, the cavern will be completely submerged in a matter of hours.

Forced - When your turn begins, if you are at a fully flooded location, you struggle for air: When your turn ends, if you did not enter an unflooded or partially flooded location during your turn, take 5 direct damage.

RafaƂ Hrynkiewicz
The Innsmouth Conspiracy #43. The Pit of Despair #3.
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High Tide - Back

You panic as the water level continues to rise within the cavern. Before long, you are swimming instead of walking on the flooded cavern floor. Many of the tunnels are fully submerged. If you don't get out of here quickly, there will be nowhere safe to catch your breath.

Each revealed location becomes fully flooded.

Until the end of the game, each time a location is revealed, it becomes fully flooded.

Keep this card next to the act deck as a reminder (replacing agenda 1b), and advance to agenda 3a.


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