Fortune. Blessed.

Cost: 3. XP: 2.
Test Icons:

Search the chaos bag for X tokens and return them to the token pool. X is the number of tokens in the chaos bag. Gain 1 resource for each token removed in this way.

Even the skeins of fate can be untangled, for a time.
Adam S. Doyle
A Light in the Fog #230.
Harmony Restored

This might seem like a profit center for a continually broke Mateo, but the three cost can be a nonstarter sometimes. If your team is running heavy blessings, it can be hard to restructure into curses; this card is for those who love The benefits of curses and are already putting plenty of blesses in. As a money maker, this will require six of each to be as good as an emergency cache. Think of it as bag manipulation and you’ll be much better off. Preston can afford it easily, tho.

MrGoldbee · 1029
six of each to be as good as an emergency cash...if removing curses from the bag holds no value, if you remove six curses from the bag with this card (double tempt fate followed by harmony) you will be laughing that this card is ALSO an emergency cash. I think most of the time this card will print 1/2 money and still be more than worth it. (lets not even consider tempt fate*3 on the opening turn of a game followed by harmony) — Zerogrim · 170