Item. Charm.

Cost: 4. XP: 4.
Test Icons:

: Investigate. Either use your or get +1 for this investigation. When you initiate this ability, choose one -

- Exhaust Dowsing Rod and place 1 doom on it to move to a connecting location and get +2 skill value for this investigation.

- If this investigation discovers the last clue at a location, ready Dowsing Rod and remove all doom from it.

Tiziano Baracchi
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #97.
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4xp to get +2 once per turn and an option to remove all doom and not just 1 seems way too pricey. If it gave an additional clue then it could be good in doom decks, but this way it is too much xp for almost no payoff.

Blood&gore · 281
I agree. Pretty much all 4xp clue alternatives give you at least 2, sometimes 3 clues. The fact this card doesn't have a any more action compression compared to the level 0 one is a travesty! This looks more like the 2xp version of this card. — Nenananas · 238
Moreover, movement is not optional. I have no idea to use this Dowsing Rod.... — elkeinkrad · 450
Can I use the second option even if it's not the last clue? — Tharzax · 1
Yes, you can — Jota · 6
So let's compare it with the obvious alternative sixth sense (4): a slightly less contester slot compared to the arcane. You can choose the ability, which is only a possible option for Norman. You get a smaller bonus for usual tests and a bigger one for the prize of doom. Sixth sense gives you the chance for a second clue and some fancy scrying mechanic, while the rod give only some move action. I think the effect of sixt sense is in the worst case redundant and the rest of the time better. So I will take sixth sense every time except i don't know what to do with excess xp and I can pass it to someone who plays Monterey Jack or Ursula. — Tharzax · 1