Asset. Hand

Item. Charm. Weapon. Melee.

Cost: 3. XP: 4.
Test Icons:

: Fight. Either use your or get +1 for this attack. When you initiate this ability, choose one -

- Exhaust Ceremonial Sickle and place 1 doom on it to get +3 skill value and deal +1 damage for this attack.

- If this attack defeats an enemy, ready Ceremonial Sickle and remove all doom from it.

Steve Hamilton
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #96.
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Seems really weak for a 4xp card (alongside the investigate and evade equivalents), especially compared to the level 0.

Only gives +1 skill value (same as level 0) unless you want to exhaust it. That's not so bad when you combine it with sin eater but then it's a 10exp combo...and you're still only doing 2 damage a hit.

Thats all assuming you want the doom in the first place, if not then it seems like very small payoff for a potentially big risk.

fates · 27
I feel like moving the exhaust to the second option would make it have a better balance better especially against the last two four XP mystic combat options, (Armageddon & Brand) which both are significant upgrades — parkjensen · 1
Plus making it level 4 means Marie can't take it. Can we please get some decent doom cards for Marie already? — Pseudo Nymh · 2