Asset. Hand x2

Item. Tool. Weapon. Melee.

Cost: 4. XP: 4.
Test Icons:

Uses (3 supplies).

Spend 1 supply: Fight. You get +2 and deal +2 damage for this attack. If this attack fails, either place 1 supply on Chainsaw or deal 1 damage to the attacked enemy.

Dual Brush Studios
Stella Clark #29.

Chainsaw Take Heart Dreams of the Deep Fail (1) Oops! (4) Live and Learn Take Heart Dreams of the Deep Fail (5) Oops! (8) Live and Learn Resourceful Succeed (11, return first L&L) Live and Learn Resourceful Succeed (14, return second L&L) Live and Learn Succeed (17)

Each L&L is triggering at the same timing sequence of 'after the first failed test ends', but due to the rules for Nested sequences must wait until the previous L&L is fully resolved.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

? — MrGoldbee · 93
He's saying you can do 17 damage in a single action with the Chainsaw as Silas, assuming the stars align and you have exactly the right cards in your hand, which isn't likely, but it is funny. — SGPrometheus · 253
can't you only play live and learn in response to a failed test, though? — Zinjanthropus · 90
Yes; in this example, he fails the first two test. Oh, I guess it's two actions. — SGPrometheus · 253
I guess where I'm confused is the part where it's Live and Learn + Resourceful succeed followed by Live and Learn + Resourceful succeed. You can't play Live and Learn to redo a successful test. — Zinjanthropus · 90
Those are the live and learns from before going off. — SGPrometheus · 253
While the first two tests fail, ALL four Live and Learns are in the timing window ‘after’ that first failed test. Per the rules, if a triggering opportunity occurs and an ability is played, after that ability is resolved you are STILL in that same timing window. It is like why Nethaniel can defeat an enemy, trigger Boxing Gloves which draws Glory, then play Glory which draws Evidence, and then play evidence - after each ability finishes resolving, you are still at the ‘after an enemy is defeated’ window. Likewise, each Live and Learn is played when you return to that ‘after a failed test ends’ window. — Death by Chocolate · 58
Interesting. The Nathaniel Cho example actually makes perfect sense to me, but in the case of Live and Learn, you're doing 2 skill tests between failing the first test and playing the third L&L. I will take your word for it, though. Sometimes the rules are unintuitive. — Zinjanthropus · 90
Not that I didn't already think Live and Learn was a really good card, but it makes it much better that you could theoretically trigger it a second (or third or fourth) time even after one of them succeeds. — Zinjanthropus · 90
@Zinjanthropus There’s nothing particularly sacred about skill tests here. ‘Making a skill test’ as part of playing live and learn is just a game effect - same as ‘drawing a card’ as part of Glory. It’s a more involved game effect, for sure, but nothing that makes the timing rules function differently here. — Death by Chocolate · 58

DeathbyChocolate's inspired jankery aside, 4 XP and 4 Resources are nothing to sneeze at, but a more or less guaranteed 9 damage, plus bonus effectiveness from Oops!, Oops! (2), and/or Act of Desperation allowing you to get maybe 20 damage across 2 turns is pretty good for a Survivor combo. And, with Scrounge for Supplies and Resourceful, you might be able to get most of the parts of the combo back in your hand for another go.

Slightly more seriously, comparing it to Old Hunting Rifle, its +1 XP, + 1 Resource, and -1 seems about right for its considerably better consistency. I have my doubts the 1 Damage Fail effect will be used much except in dire emergencies, but it's nice to have options.

I don't see Ashcan, Wendy, or Patrice packing this (although a chainsaw in a viol case is a striking image), but Silas and Yorick might well consider a trip to the hardware store, with Stella and Rita more on the fence.

The dream is to teamwork this onto Joe Diamond so he can hold it in his shoulder holsters. — SGPrometheus · 253
For Yorick, Well Prepared can help make up for its low combat bonus. For Patrice, not being able to equip the violin seems prett rough, but otherwise she can use Chainsaw + Cornered for serious consideration. I think the biggest 'real talk' about Chainsaw is that it is a 3 damage weapon that can be directly reloaded with Emergency Cache (3). No need for a Venturer playing middle-man. — Death by Chocolate · 58
Wow! I had not even considered the Cache angle! That's very nice. — LivefromBenefitSt · 95
SGPrometheus -- I had considered suggesting Bandolier (2) in Yorick, so he could have a lantern, a shovel, and a chainway all strapped to him as he yelled Shakespeare like he was Patrick Stewart chewing the scenery! Then I thought that was too silly. — LivefromBenefitSt · 95
Nothing is too silly. — SGPrometheus · 253
Contraband also works (i guess it also runs with alcohol) — Django · 2753