Asset. Accessory

Item. Charm. Blessed.

Cost: 3.

Health: –. Sanity: 2.

After you defeat an enemy, exhaust Ancestral Token: Add tokens to the chaos bag equal to that enemy's printed health (max 5).

Never forget those who came before.
Kate Swazee
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #19.
Ancestral Token


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This card is really good.

  • In a build: Staple. No questions asked, it comes in play, and rewards you for what you are already doing: defeating enemies. This will be your core enabler, especially in the early campaign. And what's best is that the payoff increases as the campaign progresses.

  • In a non- build:

    • Your Accessory Slot is non-competitive. The main alternative is Hallowed Mirror, but by loading the bag with , you are less likely to take damage/horror during the scenario. Cleaning Kit is the other new one, but you will know when to take it.

    • The Horror soak is fantastic. Back in the day, we would spend the same 3 resources for 1 more Horror soak and a limited ability. This is a million times better.

    • Even in 2 , this will get the bag at 10 by mid-scenario, increasing significantly the chances to pass any test.

    • With 10 in the bag, when testing with the same value as the test (for example with 3 on a Rotting Remains test), you go from 25% to 40% chances of success.

So, is it a Staple? I don't know if I will find space for it in every deck I build, but this card is surely way above the curve in terms of power level, so if I have nothing else, I know I won't regret adding this to any of my decks.

Valentin1331 · 60578
Agree 100% with all of this. This single-handedly allows any Guardian to have a bless deck, and even if you're not utilising the bless tokens directly their softening effect on the chaos bag is huge. An interaction I've considered is this + Blessing of Isis + The Black Cat (+ Favor of the Sun, potentially), allowing you to nerf the chaos bag to oblivion and giving unlimited soak. It's a good idea but I'm putting out enough bless decks as it is, so I'll let someone else run with that! — HungryColquhoun · 5211
It's definitely fun with Isis, but costly. — MrGoldbee · 1415
With Relic Hunter, it looks like you could use two of these and the reaction would trigger off the same kill, adding max 5 per token, correct? — Phaed · 124
Everytime I draw this item, it just SMOTHERS the bag in blesses - it is quite insane for bless-enabling (or just making tests easier) considering it is a level 0 card. This card can fuel Nephthys on its own (though realistically you might want more bless creation cards first so you aren't relying on drawing one of two cards to fuel her). With the addition of a 2 horror soak in a faction that often wants just that, I am very curious if it will end up on the next Taboo list. — crazydragonking · 1
I have a question. For cards like this, the printed health is 3 or does it also include the "+1 health per investigator"? — stephwhatever · 1
@stephwhatever The former. I imagine that's why they specified "printed"; otherwise, they would've just said "enemy's health" — TheDoc37 · 467