Wolf Mask
The Moon's Sire


Item. Charm. Mask.

Cost: 1.


Limit 1 Mask per investigator.

Uses (2 offerings). Replenish 1 of these offerings after you engage an enemy.

Spend 1 offering: You get +2 or +2 for this skill test. (Limit once per test.)

Rob Laskey
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #23.
Wolf Mask


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Ed: I was wondering about the difference in text between Wolf Mask and Zoe Samaras: "when you become engaged," and "when you engage an enemy." @Quick_Learner pointed out that there is no difference between these kinds of effects according to FAQ (2.4). Enemy and Investigator engagement is mutual. So, Wolf Mask is replenished by all engagement except for that with Massive Enemies.

ZachsFisher · 49
Man these masks are stupidly overpowered. Y'all can miss me with these ffg, i don't wanna have the game become easy mode. At least have them complete in accessory slot... — Quantallar · 6
The problem with Zoey Samaras and the cross is that they trigger “when” you engage and require a reaction. As per machete’s errata, there is no timing point of engagement. However 1) the mask uses ‘after’ and not when so it is not reliant on the timing point and 2) it does not trigger on reaction so is more similar to machete as a constant effect (specifically the offering recovery) rather than Zoey or the cross. — travisc · 1