Talent. Trick.

Cost: –. XP: 3.


Permanent. Exceptional.

Before you draw your opening hand: Search your deck for up to 3 different Trick cards, and attach them facedown to Bewitching. Shuffle your deck.

When you engage an enemy, exhaust Bewitching: Either draw 1 attached card, or search the top 9 cards of your deck for a copy of an attached card, draw it, and shuffle your deck.

Jean Tay
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #79.
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Initially, this card seems like a more complicated stick to the plan. But a friend and I checked this card for the Vale finale; the possibilities were evident. First, it makes your deck more consistent. Three cards that you know are going to be there, without having to Mulligan for them. For expensive things like Ace in the Hole, or vital combo pieces like Dirty Fighting, that’s extremely useful. Pilfer(3) and Vamp(3) are high XP cards you’ll want to see ASAP. You could place things like Warning Shot, Quick Getaway, or Swift Reload(2), to fit a variety of enemy management plans. Second, you can trigger search effects at will. Trish can use this to grab plenty of astonishing revelations. It doesn’t matter if the search actually locates a card! The third, and maybe the most important, is getting multiple copies of your favorite myriad tricks. Easy Mark and Beguile are my favorites there.

MrGoldbee · 1402
That's a great card to grab key pieces of parley and/or evade/combat cards. Also Rita has another great enabler for her more Trick builds and I'm loving it. As you said, getting Dirty figting early is key. — Narval · 64

This seems to be mis-labelled, my physical card has this as an Asset, rather than an Event. Given it's a permanent that lets you draw cards to attach to Bewitching before your opening hand, Asset makes more sense, right?

NotYAWS · 3
Yes. The original card is an asset. It's mislabeled on this page. — toastsushi · 68
This has already been fixed, but will take a bit untill it will be updated on the server. — Susumu · 334