Favor. Trick.

Cost: 1. XP: 2.


Fast. Play after you succeed at a skill test while parleying.

Discover 2 total clues from among your location and connecting locations.

"I shouldn't be telling you this, but since you seem trustworthy..."
Drazenka Kimpel
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #78.


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: Can you use Eldritch Tongue to play Snitch from your discard pile? A: Yes, you can play Snitch from your discard pile with Eldritch Tongue. (January 2024)
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This card is bonkers, arguably the most powerful card in the set. A free-action Working Two Seeking Answers, triggering off of doing what you want to do already... this is the set's Shed A Light. And as a bonus, you can recur it with Eldritch Tongue without having to deckcycle. Hot damn.

mattastrophic · 3140
You can't recur it with eldritch tongue can you? It's not a parley itself. — spannertheodd · 1
That's wrong to the wording of eldritch Toung. The tounge works with every card that contains the word "parley". The card itself don't necessarily need to initiate a parley action. — Tharzax · 1
Tharzax is right. The FAQ has been updated a little over 3 hours before mattastrophic wrote the review. Neat, this also means Alessandra can fully upgrade "Grizzled". — Susumu · 351
Technically yes, but this restriction in her deckbuilding seems weird to me. Probably we get another FAQ for her. — Tharzax · 1

If you can trigger this consistently, the effect is good: really really good, in fact. And with two excellent traits plus the parley tag there are many ways to discount, tutor, or recur it. But does anyone besides Alessandra want to parley enough to make this worthwhile?

As of Hemlock Vale, Rogues only have 3 assets and 4 events that initiate parley tests, and many are mediocre or require fairly difficult will or intellect tests that many rogues will struggle with. However, #Grift is an acceptable economy card for agility rogues and it can go in an Underworld Market, so you can assure yourself of getting at least one parley event relatively early. Stir the Pot (0) is reasonable damage if you can pass it, and Vamp (3) is a great comfort card if you can spare the XP (though I rarely can). False Surrender looks on paper like an acceptable action compression, but in practice Sleight of Hand outperforms it almost all the time. False Credentials (4) is also powerful but very expensive for a 1-clue-per-action tool and it overlaps functions with Snitch itself a lot. IMO the parley build for Winifred or Kymani with Fine Clothes, False Surrender, Grift, and Vamp is not quite there yet.

This feels a little more promising for characters with some off-class access. Trish can do some disgusting work with Existential Riddle and Snitch, possibly locking down multiple enemies across multiple locations or scarfing 3 clues in one action while escaping from danger. Dexter 100% wants this if he plays Power Word and might consider buying one if he's tutoring out String of Curses anyway. Sefina Rousseau benefits from the same combo, and Parallel Roland can chain this off of any of his Interrogate/Persuasion/Eavesdrop shenanigans too.