Cost: 3.
Test Icons:

Customizable. Fast. Play only during your turn.

Attach to a non-Elite enemy at your location.

If attached enemy is at your location: Parley. Give it a command (limit once per round per command) -

- "Go." This enemy moves once in a direction of your choice.

- "Cower." This enemy exhausts.

Anders Finer
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #81.
Power Word


Betray. Add the command: "- 'Betray.' Deal 1 damage to any enemy at this enemy's location with an equal or lower fight value than this enemy."

Mercy. Add the command: "- 'Mercy.' An investigator at this enemy's location heals damage or horror equal to this enemy's respective damage/horror value."

Confess. Add the command: "- 'Confess.' Discover 1 clue at this enemy's location if its health is equal to or higher than its location's shroud."

Distract. Add the command: "- 'Distract.' Automatically evade any enemy at this enemy's location with an equal or lower evade value than this enemy."

□□ Greater Control. Power Word gains ": Return Power Word to your hand."

□□□ Bonded. You may activate the parley ability on Power Word from up to one location away from the attached enemy.

□□□ Tonguetwister. When you parley with Power Word, you may give up to two different commands.

□□□ Thrice Spoken. You may include three copies of Power Word in your deck. When you give a command using one copy, also give that command to each other enemy with one of your copies of Power Word attached.


This card is a role playing heaven. What more could you ask from the rats when you can make them distract the ghouls, tend your wounds, or even confess where the cheese is..

Anyways, I'll drop a rule related to the Confess option since I had to look it up a bit : "Health" is a number which damage counter goes up to and defeat it, so damaging it partially will not decrease effectiveness of Confess. Also it does not say "printed health", so I think any mythos-modified health can take effect. (Rule : Health and Damage)

5argon · 2996
Can you use any of the commands on itself (like distracting itself to evade)? It does have equal health to itself and is an "any enemy" technically. — brianlights · 7
Yeah I think Betray and Distract should be able to work on itself. — 5argon · 2996
Why not use " "Cower." This enemy exhausts"? — MrGoldbee · 1313
Could work equally for not taking battle damage but exhausted enemy still stay in your threat area right? Distract can be a bit better that you can move away and left it behind. — 5argon · 2996
@MrGoldbee, Maybe you used "Cower" already this round? — olivergrayson · 1
Exhausting doesn't disengage evade does both so if you are moving away so you don't have to keep using power word to exhaust. — White Liger · 3

The evolution of that card over the course of its upgrade is the same as a wizard for a DnD campaign. It starts really, really underwhelming but reaches stratospheric level of power in its late stage. Be it enemy mitigation, sustain, getting clues, this card does everything and testless. It becomes so absurdly powerful that when you get to draw three of them in its fully upgraded form, it will trivialize a scenario on its own. Many ennemies spawn in the first few turns of a scenario when your fighter isn't set up yet? Slam them on the biggest threats, transform them into powerful allies, and distract the other monsters from hurting your friends. This card effectively reads: convert a bomb card from the encounter deck into a boon for yourself. Not only the fact that your allies can also trigger all the effects makes it so versatile, but you effectively remove the biggest threats from being a problem, and thus, instantly.

However the card really needs tonguetwister to get going, but when you get it with thrice spoken things start to escalate. You evade most monster you meet, testlessly get two clues, heal friends, and effectively, definitely remove any monster (except elite) in the game, in a class that has access to ward of protection level two. Congratulation, on your own, you disabled not only the most menacing treacheries, but also the most terrifying monsters the game has to offer. Anything else is just between your main fighter and the boss of the scenario, and your cluever who has all the time of the world to do his job. If you think that as a mystic, you ever needed a weapon, this card solves all problem you need, being slotless and fast. By the way, you don't need weapons when you convert any otherwordly abominations to your cause. This card is worth any xp point you can spend on it.

mugu · 35
The point about other investigators activating the command is incorrect. See the rules on 'Control of Attachments' and 'Abilities'. Players may activate triggered abilities on encounter cards at their location. You retain control of player cards you attach to encounter cards. Power Word has the triggered ability, not the enemy. Compare to Shrine of the Moirai and Shortcut (2) which are designed for other players to use. — Death by Chocolate · 1256
Kills Trish's weakness! — MrGoldbee · 1313
You can even thrice the thrice spoken with a pair of Sign Magick(3) — Escalir · 1
Power Word is an Event, not an Asset, so Sign Magick(3) doesn't work. — Arkandos · 1

Q: With thrice spoken, does the second and third enemies need to be in the same location with me? The ability says "also give command to each other enemy with power word" and it does not specify that those other enemies need to be at the same location?

nic7410 · 30
No. With Thrice spoken they do not have to share location. "if enemy is at your location" is part of the cost for triggering the ability. It is not a clause for being affected by it. — tokeeto · 21

I'm pretty sure Carolyn should be able to take this card and not have it count towards her 15 off-class options as long as she takes it with the Mercy command added, no? Since it can heal horror, that should satisfy her deckbuilding, and thus allow her to spend up to 10 exp on various customizations for it just as long as Mercy is among them.

That is correct. — Death by Chocolate · 1256
But without this upgrade this card count for her seeker/mystic card limit? — Tharzax · 1
@Tharzax without Mercy this is counted as limit and we cannot check more than 3, but we can add this after check Mercy. Thus, I think we do not consider deck limit. — elkeinkrad · 399