Insight. Paradox.

Cost: 1. XP: 1.
Test Icons:

Parley. Choose a non-Elite enemy at your location and test or (8). This test gets -1 difficulty for each other card in your hand. If you succeed, automatically evade the chosen enemy and attach Existential Riddle to it.

Attached enemy gains aloof.

Adam Doyle
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #52.
Existential Riddle

Hey, it's my preview card! I had a lot of fun with this one, check out my preview video if you're interested.

This is a cheap and efficent enemy management tool that won't be able to deal with everything (watch out for Acolyte), but should help with your average annoying hunter. Very good card for solo as well.

Two particular interactions I want to highlight are Trish Scarborough and Power Word (the latter isn't on ArkhamDB yet), which lets you turn your riddle-solving enemy into a source of helpful clues or other convenience.

Veronica212 · 283
Finally, an (almost) unrestricted Parlay player-card. Nearest I can tell, this is the first card that would guarantee Parlay bonuses like Fine Clothes aren't wasted (unless a mission has only Elite foes, I know there's at least 1). Not nearly enough of a reason to run either/both by itself, but a nice first. — HanoverFist · 624

I love playing "big hands" seeker (or other classes with access to seeker cards) decks so when I see this card I don't consider that it's a wwillpower / intel (8) test but a potential (0) test (and a (2) would already be great).

For me the best use is on a hunter enemy in a Trish Scarborough deck: you now have an aloof enemy that follows you and give you an extra clue each round thanks to Trish abiity ! And it allows combo with Eavesdrop if the enemy has a low evade value (a Hunting Nightgaunt for example).

AlexP · 243