Cost: 2. XP: 4.
Test Icons:

For each clue you have (to a maximum of 3), either heal 2 horror from an investigator at your location or discard a Terror card at your location.

"I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing."
- Plato, The Republic
Andreas Zafiratos
Return to the Path to Carcosa #3.
Logical Reasoning

This seems like a great upgrade for multiplayer Carcosa campaigns, especially as run by Carolyn Fern...get 3 clues first, have everyone else join you on your space, then one action and 2 measly resources from you, and everyone on the square gets healing and resources. Using this early in Dim Carcosa in particular would really help.

Krysmopompas · 212
Yes, playing this card twice helped us to win the Dim Carcosa. Great card for multiplayer. — Trochomancy · 1

Too bad you can't discard Dissonant Voices with this. Yeah, I know, you could do it on somebody else, but not on yourself. Bummer.

Where it would be great, though, is with Farsight. Healing damage and horror is usually a hard sell because of all the actions it costs you...but a FAST heal of up to 6 horror among the whole team? Yes, please!

Pinchers · 75

I have two questions about this card:

  • is it possibile to split the healing between more investigators? or do i have to target the same investigator with every "2 heal" chain?

  • is it possibile to split effects of card? example:(in case i have 2 clues ) healing 2 horrors to an investigator, and then remove a terror card ?

or do i have to choose only 1 effect and stick with that for all the clues i have?


Rosco · 1
Yes, you can split the effects, that's why it says "for each clue you have" — Sassenach · 139
That could just be referring to the number of times you can perform a single action. "do it 3 times (i.e.)". It's not clear about the split. Since is a relatively new card (return to carcosa) i suppose there's no FAQ about this right? — Rosco · 1
Since it’s ‘for each clue, either’ you can split the effects as per your second bullet point. Re: your first ‘heal 2 from an investigator’ clear states ‘an’ then it’s pretty clear it can’t be split further. I could also interpret it as only being able to clear horror from one investigator total, but I think it’s intended to be read as ‘pick an investigator for each heal 2 chain.’ — Death by Chocolate · 894
If Carolyn Fern plays this card, for 3 clues/effects, and is targeting the same investigator (ex: Agnes): does Agnes therefore gain 3 resources from Carolyn's ability because each 1 clue = 2 horror are separate effects? — VanyelAshke · 155
@VanyelAshke I would say yes. If you review the FAQ on Carolyn's page, I believe it's helpful to see the clarification the Liquid Courage doesn't give extra resources because it's "additional" instead of a second instance of healing. In this case, the card does not say "heal 2 additional horror for each clue (up to a maximum of 3)." — Time4Tiddy · 165