Nine of Rods
Every Trial a Lesson

Asset. Tarot


Cost: 3. XP: 3.


When you draw a non-weakness encounter card, exhaust Nine of Rods: Cancel all of that card's effects and shuffle it into the encounter deck. Then, draw another card from the top of the encounter deck.

When the game begins, if Nine of Rods is in your opening hand: Put it into play.

Robert Laskey
Return to the Circle Undone #9.
Nine of Rods


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I have been using this card more and more, but not as mentioned by the other comment, to dodge monsters, but rather to... attract them. A kind of On the Hunt (3).

Both William Yorick and Silas Marsh want to face enemies to take the best out of their Decks. In Yorick especially, the more enemies, the more shenanigans you can do and this card basically double the chances to find an enemy when needed, while also helping you not to get too overwhelmed at some point.

Valentin1331 · 60584
Every Trial a fistfight. — MrGoldbee · 1415
I just noticed that no one on this page, in 3 years, has mentioned Ancient Evils. Am I wrong in thinking this doesn't cancel it?/ — SemiSecretSquirrel · 127

This card is absolutely sick. This is essentially one chance to re-draw if you get a monster. This is high-grade oil for your action economy. I wouldn't be surprised if this was released as "treachery," though that would make it a much more questionable ask outside certain scenarios.

Put this on a survivor generalist and run with a Seeker rocking Disc of Itzamna. Heck, run Gloria too for additional stupidity. Fourth slot can be Diana Stanley. The encounter deck isn't real and it can't hurt you.

Great protection in general for any investigator with a glaring weakness. Lets your redraw into something that won't be nearly so horrific. For a solid fighter, could also be used to proactively hunt the deck for a monster in the interest of VP-farming or to pull off cards that require monsters.. — Achire · 484
I really like that this is a very generalist-friendly Tarot for Survivors. Calvin loved the Five Of Pentacles, but it was really not worth the space anywhere else. OP's combos for neutralizing the encounter deck are terrific, but even without them, everybody would enjoy getting 1 saving throw vs the encounter deck per round. — HanoverFist · 689

TIMING QUESTION: Legendary Duke ally Ashcan Pete's inherent ability is, as a fast action, to discard a card and ready any card he controls. Nine Of Rods here is a reaction ability.

You can probably see where I'm goin' with this... can Ashcan use his ability to get 2 re-draws from this during the mythos phase instead of just 1?

HanoverFist · 689
It's technically possible, but only if you're already drawing multiple encounter cards during the mythos phase and there is a skill test happening between them. Fast actions can only be taken in action windows, and the only guaranteed action window in the mythos phase is after all players are done drawing encounter cards. But if your two draws are not back to back (for example, agenda advancement makes everyone draw an encounter card and then after that everyone does their normal draws), you use Nine of Rods on your first draw and then there is a skill test somewhere, you can use one of the skill test windows to ready Nine in time for your second draw. — TheNameWasTaken · 3
Got it- I had a feeling it wouldn't be possible to squeeze a fast action between a Reaction and the trigger for that reaction. Thanks for the confirmation! — HanoverFist · 689