Cost: 0. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play when you would draw an encounter card during the mythos phase.

Instead, search the encounter deck for an enemy, spawn it engaged with you (instead of its normal spawn location), attach On the Hunt to it, and shuffle the encounter deck.

When you defeat attached enemy: Gain 3 resources.

Derk Venneman
Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion #28.
On the Hunt

Oohhh mama.

On the Hunt is a funky niche that does a bit of good when you want to avoid treacheries like the plague and when dispatching enemies actually helps you get work done, yes, we're talking about Roland Banks here. It's a super-duper niche and the worst part? It can miss!

Well. here we are for round 2! Ding ding!

1) 100% hit rate, so long as you know your mythos deck a bit. You can get that XP enemy you really wanna kill, or some easy chump to trigger benefits from.

2) It's free, and it generates money.

3) It does -most- of what it already did, just better.

4) "Wait. Most, not all? What changed?" When On the Hunt misses, it says you gotta draw a card to replace it, note that this XP variant does not include that text!

So. depending on how you navigate it, This card can get you money, get you beneficial triggers, give you a break on treacheries that hurt you, nail enemies with annoying spawns, dig out bonus XP at an opportune time, or straight up cancel an encounter draw..

This card is WEIRD, but it's got a lot of beneficial vectors going for it, if you hit enough of them then this card goes from a little iffy, to straight up amazing.

Tsuruki23 · 2119

As the other review mentioned, but I'd like to highlight this card goes from 1 cost to 0 cost + gain 3 resources. One of the cardinal rules of Arkham is that you put cards in your deck to play them and you need money for that, so don't cut your econ. This can replace cards like Emergency Cache without diluting the number of econ cards in your deck (as long as you can kill whatever you find). It's also tactic so it can go under Stick to the Plan the same way Emergency Cache can as an early game econ option (grab an easy enemy) with the flexibility of being able to hunt down a strong victory point enemy to keep them off your seekers.

Therebrae · 11