Cost: 3. XP: 4.


Fight. Choose an enemy at any revealed location as the target for this attack. Before resolving this attack, you may move to that enemy's location. Add your to your for this attack. This attack deals +3 damage.

The fangs of Tindalos reach any prey.
Isuardi Therianto
Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion #29.
Fang of Tyr'thrha


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Expensive, but this is a great counter for Zoey‘s weakness on huge maps. At minimum, you get a shot to kill any enemy at a revealed place, which was previously unattainable for anyone but Luke. In ideal circumstances, you can teleport to someone an ally is carrying around handcuffed, or get a variety of bonuses: Zoey can engage with the enemy, getting a one-dollar refund or doing another damage with her cross. Roland gets a clue. Nathaniel will do a bonus damage, killing almost any non-boss enemy this game has produced.

It might be the best fit for him, because he can recur with his elder sign. But it’s not a spirit card, so it will be harder to find than his typical fare.

And it doesn’t engage the enemy, so you can’t use this to deal with Tony‘s weakness. But if you’re planning to take this card, maybe your party doesn’t need Tony.

MrGoldbee · 1417
This is also a card that breaks a number of scenarios where some connecting locations get disconnected, or need to be "explored". You can literally just teleport across the map, as a guardian. — 1337duck · 1
When you teleport, do you take your engaged monsters with you? — MrWeasely · 41
Yes, you would take engaged monsters with you. — PaxCecilia · 404

"Choose an enemy [Elite as well]... as the target of this attack."

"You may [i.e. you may choose not to] move to that enemy's location."

Remote damage against boss monsters and humans. Every. Single. Campaign has Elite enemies that don't spawn on you directly, either because they start a pursuit from a distance, or because they're guarding a location of interest. Springfield M1903 (with current taboo) and Telescopic Sight can only remotely target non-Elite enemies. Marksmanship and Dynamite Blast are the only cards I know off that deal remote damage to Elite enemies. As a result Fang of Tyr'thrha is occupying a relative unexplored area of fighter tech, and its pushing boundaries in the process. Here's hoping it doesn't trivialize certain scenarios.

EDIT: Oh wait, in single player games where "4 health per player" means "4 health", it DOES trivialize certain scenarios.

Lucaxiom · 4064
One challenge of this card, it doesn’t engage the target if it’s on another player. So massive damage if you miss and if you didn’t move there, they’re still alone — Django · 4973
Indeed, but in the use case I've focused on, that is not an issue. — Lucaxiom · 4064

Eeeeeeeexcellent card.

So. Steep pricepoint, but lets review the effcts:

  • Add , that's generally a +2 or +3 for most characters who can use this. Not shabby but you'll often be using other boosts to guarantee the hit.
  • Omnirange. Hit any non-aloof target anywhere. That's a very lovely effect, picture this: You're drowing in bad guys in some ditch and your buddy ran off 4 locations only to draw into a Hunting Nightgaunt and be completely shut down. Chuck one of these at the problem and it'll be gone in one action, no moving required.

  • 4 Damage flat. Wonderful. These are worth their weight in gold. Usually to kill a 4 health foe it takes 2-3 actions not including movement and engaging, you'll be pressed for damage and typically the solution is a bigger gun, Vicious Blow and/or Beat Cop. 3 Cost is steep but it'll do it'S thing without costing you any bullets and you can further supllement it with Vicious Blow.

  • Movement option. I've seen this point fly over people's heads. The movement is an option! Chuck it at that aforementioned Hunting Nightgaunt and keep working on whatever you got going on at your own location. Alternatively one major challenge fighters face is action economy during high-stakes turns, a villain spawns and you've got to charge at it from 2 locations away, which means you'll get punched! Therefore you need to strategically approach to try and maximize damage and minimize pain. Fang of Tyr'thrha solves this issue by seamlessly crossing the distance while compressing damage into the movement. You know those turns in Night of the Zealot where you moved into Ghoul Priest to pop it twice with .45 Automatic? This card lets you move into it for 4 damage, and THEN you pop it twice.

TL:DR. good, strategic, card. Love it.

So why not put it in every, single, deck? Well frankly, it's the prices. 4xp gets in the way of filling out your weapon, defensive and economy options and 3 cost gets in the way of playing weapons and weapon support. By the time you've got your thing going, adding in Fang of Tyr'thrha is a final scenario capstone or altogether impossible because you're scrambling for card slots.

Of particular note, DO grab this card fast if you happen to know that moving, engaging, keeping your key co-characters out of trouble, if you know that these things are challenging perogatives, grab it fast.

Characters of note:

  • Nathaniel bonus damage.
  • Zoey can afford it, kill her weakness. Often you can recoup 1 resource immediately by using it to move to an unengaged enemy
  • Roland Banks, remote killing can trigger his ability. Also stacks with Grete Wagner.
  • Lily, event attack for "3 different attacks" and a probable 4 buff.
  • Marie Lambeau. Come on, it'd be hilarious.
  • Carolyn Fern. From a baseline total 4 to hit you need to boost it somehow, but with this you can have some bite.
Tsuruki23 · 2486
Out of reach for Carolyn, which is just as well. Gang Up outperforms this for her anyways (but no movement) — dscarpac · 813
Two copies of this plus two One-two Punch (5). Another very efficient way use events to end bosses! — liwl0115 · 40
Marie Lambeau can attach it to Dayana Esperance. Of course you then need to finance it multiple times (Prophetic ? David Renfield ?) and boost your stats (Prophetic ? Dissection tools ? Grounded ? Blood pact ? Empower self ?). — TribulationsSolo · 1
Not to mention: — An_Undecayed_Whately · 944
Not to mention: Tommy Muldoon, who can recur this via Scrounge For Supplies — An_Undecayed_Whately · 944
Nevermind, that card only works on Level 0 cards — An_Undecayed_Whately · 944
Okay, possible but janky: Sister Mary + Prescient + Scrying Mirror? — An_Undecayed_Whately · 944
Are we sure this card doesn’t work on an aloof enemy? — rainman1646 · 1
Although the Bold Fight designator can be initiated on Aloof enemies, Attack"s — Rislyeu · 1
"Attack"s cannot be carried out against Aloof enemies per the rules, so you cannot complete the action on the card and cannot play the card to begin with. Unlike with Spectral Razor, which allows you immediately before the attack to engage the enemy, thereby allowing you to complete the attack on that card. — Rislyeu · 1